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CAST Biographies

DAVID sees his participation with this great group of people as an opportunity to gain more experience and knowledge necessary to become a great performer. He relates to the play on a deep level as he was a peer counselor for nearly 13 years and worked closely with individuals who were going through this process with loved ones. He lives with his 4 Pomeranians who whimper loudly when hearing him practice his lines!
MS. ROSIE began acting in junior high school and became a performer and entertainer - DJ Rosie, Professional Entertainer - about 40 years ago. This is her fifth time on stage in the last 20 years. She says about being in the play: “The role as Victor’s mother is perfect for me - it expresses the pain and love of on-going experiences of parenting."
PRESTON loves to BBQ, go camping and fishing. He feels that PLPL has helped open his heart to the difficulties that are set for family and friends. Playing this role Preston has found a new respect for the struggles of addiction and what it takes for a family to come together to support one another.
DANNY is acting for the first time. He is 24 and is happy to be part of a production that aims to educate and help those who might be struggling with, or know someone dealing with, the social and family issues in this play.
SHERIDAN has been performing all her life. She is excited to play a therapist, as she is married to one! When not helping with PLPL and not teaching drum class or her private flute students, she concentrates on helping others heal through music with her Silver flute, Native American flutes, hand drums, and her newest instrument, her handpan.
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Thank you so much for the wonderful show last weekend.
I loved Dianna’s intention and the important stories that were told.
I loved the vulnerability and the collaborative , close connections of the cast....

Transformational on many levels ...was really glad I saw it and was part of the community that night… very impactful and moving on many levels.

It seems so important to have this kind of grassroots collaborative theater seen broadly in this country and beyond. I wonder if your visioning might include a video or even each story on your youtube channel? This might already exist. Also I’m imagining a template which would outline the process in allowing this to be birthed,  helping groups/ people to  put this on in their own communities.

Personally, I went underground during my upbringing as I grew up in a family which was abusive and neglectful, mostly because I am a different being, a sensitive and an introvert in a home of extroverts.   The play helped amplify in me the part of me which goes underground. I am in a process of directly befriending that part and inviting her forward and OUT.  The content resonates beyond the LGBTQ culture into the culture of all the marginalized.